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At the beginning of the year 2023 DI Class GmbH founded a subsidiary company in Kenya, to manage projects in East Africa - especially in the neighbourhood countries of Kenya (Tansania, Sambia, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, and others).

Our headquarter is situated in Nairobi, Kenya.
Class Mining Consulting Limited offers project management and consulting in the fields of mine surveying, mining, landfill technology, surveying work, water engineering and water management, geology, geodesy, geotechnics, drilling, environment and visibility studies.  Our team of experts implements projects with overall responsibility and process optimisation. By taking an overall view of the entire task, we address your individual needs and offer customised solutions. This partnership forms the basis of our successful business relationships. 

Our Services


Integrated project planning and consulting


Geological and Geotechnical Services

Landfill Engineering

Supervision during construction and operation

Water EnginEering

Developing Groundwater Models and Dredging Projects

Landsurveying with Drones

One of our special services is Landsurveying with a Drone. By using our drone, it is possible to carry out precise measurements very quickly, even in difficult terrain (quarries, gravel pits, construction sites, landfills).  The accuracy of the recordings in terms of position and height is up to 3 cm (0,39 in). Based on these results, georeferenced orthophotos can be created, which can be incorporated into the landregister and other plans or used to create an exact 3D model. 


Our individual flight routes and elevation models enable us to fly adjusted to the terrain and measure precisely.


Thanks to the rapid implementation and data availability, large areas can be measured in a very short time.


Digital terrain models and orthofotos can be created based on the available initial data. This alows further calculations.

Map & Calculation

Based on the georeferenced orthophotos, technichal maps and plans are drawn. The digital terrain models allow us gradient analyses, quantity calculations, basin analyses, visualizations and much more.

class mining consulting limited

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